Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turkey - Day Six - Izmir

Instead of venturing out and exploring the remnants of ancient civilizations today, the band did what the main purpose of the tour was: we performed.  Arriving on the bus at 9:15am, the group spent an hour driving to MEF International School in Izmir, which has elementary through high school and no music program whatsoever.  For the first hour, the band divided into five different groups and performed for students and their parents who were wandering throughout the school.  It was a very cool thing and the children seemed to really enjoy hearing what we as a band had to offer.  After lunch, the concert band performed as well as the jazz band despite the possibility of rain and some nasty wind gusts which turned up from time to time.  The band then returned to the hotel to relax for the remainder of the day, since this was our only scheduled event today.  Tomorrow will be a long day, with a bus call-time for the bus at 7:40am and a late night of performances in Bodrum.

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