Monday, May 13, 2013

Final Day in Turkey

Today was our final day in Turkey and the band had a free day in Bodrum. Everyone probably enjoyed having the option to sleep in and not have breakfast at 7 or 8 in the morning. The day started out sunny and beautiful, a perfect day for the beach; until it started raining. I don't know what everyone else did, but I know me and a group of people ended up in an Italian pizza restaurant to wait out the storm. It was a fun adventure. The storm passed and then we all finished our souvenir shopping and came back to rest up before our farewell dinner. The farewell dinner was at the club that we had our last performance and it was amazing, especially the dessert which was frozen chocolate mousse! The night was free and now everyone is either sleeping for a few hours or hurriedly packing before our 4:30 AM wake-up call. So for now, I say good-bye to Turkey and hope to visit again soon. We'll be back in the states soon everyone!

A chandelier that we saw while shopping
The Crusader castle

A mosque we passed by

Watching the workers try and get water off the roof
Calamari- it's an actual octopus

The AMAZING chocolate mousse!

Emma, Nakisha, Chris L, Amber, Ender, & Michelle at farewell dinner

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