Friday, May 10, 2013


Today was another day of travel and sightseeing. We got up at 8 this morning and had breakfast. We traveled for a few hours and had lunch close to our sightseeing spot. The band was in for a treat lunch because one of the waiters was a professional singer, so he sang a few Turkish folk songs for us. They were beautiful. The site we saw today was the ancient city of Pergamum which used to be an ancient Greek city, but most of it was destroyed by an earthquake. The site was AMAZING! I could have spent hours just taking pictures and taking in the beautiful sites; I'm sure most of the band would agree with me in that we wished we stayed longer. Another fun thing about Pergamum was that we had to take a cable car up to the site. So much fun, but kind of scary. After Pergamum, we continued our journey to Izmir, the third largest country in Turkey, to our mostly seaside hotel. Tomorrow should be fun because we will be giving a concert to a 1st-12th grade school.
P.S. There's going to be many pictures ;)

Aegean Sea on the way to Pergamum

Some houses

Going on up in the cable car

Kyle B. living on the edge

Some of the ruins

More ruins

The group is listening to Ender

The view from the hillside. Gorgeous!

An old temple

A wall of an old building

Crazy kids hanging out on the ruins 
Kelly, Lizz, Victoria, Dan, Kyle, & Kevin

Nakisha, Amber, Emma, and Michelle just chillin

A view of the Greek city from higher up

A hole in the wall

View of the modern city below

Sam, Michaela, Michelle, Emma, & Ryan

Look over there with Michelle & Emma

Amber found some pretty flowers

The city of Izmir!

View from standing near the water. No beach though

A living statue that is stationed out downtown

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