Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turkey - Day Four - Troy

Today didn't really have a lot of activities for the group to do besides driving and seeing the ruins of Troy.  The day began by getting up an hour earlier than originally expected due to schedule issues.  After checking out of the hotel, the band drove for a few hours to the Sea of Marmara.  After two hours, we stopped for a restroom break at a decent-sized gas station.  The band got off the bus to relax and they discovered a small animal farm behind the gas station.  This farm had animals from peacocks to sheep to goats and other things as well.  This was a very unexpected sight to see and made the trip even more strange, yet entertaining at the same time.

After this, we got behind on the schedule by about three hours.  The ferry we were supposed to catch was canceled when we arrived, so our bus driver drove to another one, which ended up being full when we arrived.  This really wasn't too horrendously bad though since it gave the band about a half an hour to relax and explore the area, which ended up being really cool.  The dock had a memorial to a big battle in the town during World War I, which reflected the memorials in Washington D.C.  It was a very neat detour to have on a day which was supposed to mainly consist of driving, one quick sight to see, then the hotel.

After taking the ferry to the other side of Turkey, otherwise known as ASIA, we took the bus to the ancient ruins of Troy.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this place, it was the site of the Trojan War, depicted in Homer's The Iliad, and has been reconstructed nine times, each new version built upon the previous one.  The ruins are mainly walls which have been uncovered in the last 50 years, but there were some pillars there as well, which helped bring the feeling of Troy to life.  It was extremely cool to see this ancient city which I have read about in my studies for years now.

Afterwards, the band arrived at the new hotel in Canakkale and spent the remainder of the night relaxing after a long day.


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