Thursday, May 9, 2013

TT- Traveling and Troy

Today was a long, confusing day for all. We started out the day by leaving an hour earlier than expected due to scheduling. But with this time change, one would think that after 4 hours of driving we would have made it to our ferry; we didn't. Unfortunately it was cancelled and so or awesome bus driver Ali, drove us to another ferry station where, that unfortunately was full. This time crunch gave the band a half hour to explore around the ferry station in Canakkale. Around the dock, there were statues commemorating the battles of WWI in Turkey. Our ferry came and the band got to eat lunch at a local restaurant before setting off to see the ruins of Troy! Some of the ruins have been around for 1500 years. Pretty awesome! After exploring Troy, we set off to our hotel in Canakkale that happens to reside on the beach and relax with a buffet dinner and a free evening! Bonus points!! Check back tomorrow when we finishing seeing Pergamon!

The country side of Turkey

WWI statue

A view from the ferry

"Red Wall" in Troy


Most of the group listening to history of Troy

Cool artistic pic of one of the walls

Trojan Horse. Just had to

The Kyles sitting on a pile

A view from the hotel

Turkish Walmart

A white rose by the beach

A red rose by the beach

Pink roses by the beach

More of the lovely countryside of Turkey

Some of group waiting for the ferry

A new snail friend whom we met by the beach 

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