Saturday, May 11, 2013

International Fun Day!

Today was a day of different nations coming together. The day started out with the band going out by going to MEF International School. This school is a K-12 school that wants to start a music program. To help support, the band split up into 5 groups and had different quartets, trios, and ensembles playing. This was a really fun experience because this was a time to showcase different groups and a great way to head into the steps of creating a music program. After leaving the school, the rest of the day was free. Some decided to rest; others decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful day. To end the day, the band was kindly invited to a rooftop barbecue by one of our hosts at the school named Ron. We even got to see some Chinese lanterns floating in the sky! Overall a good day of culture and tomorrow should be more of an exciting one with our planned adventure to Ephesus!

We got a poster!

 Group 1A- Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes & Bassoon

Group 2: Saxophone Quartet

 Group 3: Brass Ensemble

Group 4: Percussion Ensemble

Group 5: Jazz Group


International Festival

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